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Love Song

Curated by and exhibiting Sara Jajou, Jermaine Ibarra and Jackson Elhage
Bus Projects, 7 Little Miller St Brunswick, Naarm
27 March - 20 April

500 years ago I was introduced to violence.
52 years ago we were thrust into loss.
20 years ago I was carved out of love.
Last month I linked with grief.

So in the face of the world ending, I surrender my pain and return to love instead.

And that’s where I’m at right now.

Image courtesy of Bus Projects. Photographer: Astrid Mulder.

List of works:
(clockwise from door)

My Jidu tells good stories but his Jidu tells them better
Sara Jajou, Petros Jajou and Lenda Hena
Single channel video projection onto curtain installation
200cm (W) 200cm (L) X 300cm (H)

They'll Never Know What We Did Together Jermaine Ibarra
Tape on wood board
75cm x 90cm

I first met my lover barefoot and he welcomed me back home
Sara Jajou, Jackson Elhage and Andrea Thao
Wool on fabric
580 X 300cm

Ang Huling El Bimbo (6 Years Ago and 230m. Away)
Jermaine Ibarra
acrylic on canvas
100cm x 150cm

Sing me a Love Song
Dimensions variable

Happy 19th Birthday Jermaine
Sara Jajou
Rhinestones, glue, chain, bag.

Jackson Elhage
Marker on cardboard
34cm x 30cm

To Sarah with a H
Jermaine Ibarra
Acrylic paint on canvas
40cm x 40cm

Jermaine's shelf
Jermaine Ibarra
Wooden basket, plastic figurines, books, paper.
41cm x 29cm

Jermaine Ibarra
rope, basketball jerseys, clothes and pegs dimensions variable

Everything I did I thought was right (satin sheets)
Jermaine Ibarra
paper mache, interior paint and wooden cross installation
dimensions variable.

أغنية أمي
Sara Jajou, Jackson Elhage, Rob Elhage and Andrea Thao
Plastic, paper, plaster, clay, cement, date syrup.
60cm (W) x 60cm (L) x 73cm (H)

Jermaine speaking on SYN media’s ‘Art Smitten’ with Audrey Merton speaking about his artistic process, how to build your own table, the importance of turning your email notifications on and what exists beyond grief and the boxes we’re placed in.

Image courtesy of Jackson Elhage, Dilan Bektaş, and Andrea Thao.
Video footage courtesy of Cam Reid @divorceddad83